Past Chair's Survival Guide

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Past Chair's Duties (Formal and Informal)

  • The Past Chair is Chair of the Nominating Committee (bylaws)
  • Nominating Committee solicits officer candidate suggestions from the membership of the Division (bylaws)
  • Nominating Committee submits a slate of candidates to the membership (bylaws)
  • Past Chair is a member of the Extended Executive Committee (bylaws)
  • Consults with EEC
  • Mentor/provide feedback to current Chair


Pay attention to members that are actively engaged in ASEE and ELD, through conversations plants notion that people should run for office.

Past Chair's Timeline


  • Term of office begins at the end of the Annual Business Meeting.


  • Seek Nominating Committee Members
  • Seek EEC ok on Nominating Committee members
  • list has new nominating committee members added
 List functions as a communications mechanism for the nominating committee that is 
 archived, so logs of communication are all in one spot to be able to refer back to.
 List address is also given to ELD when the call for nominations goes out as a place 
 where membership can suggest someone as a candidate or nominate themselves.
  • Notify Nominating Committee members that list has been created


  • Draft call for nominees and gather input from nominating committee
  • Submit call in the first issue of the newsletter (September) following the annual conference and the ELD-L electronic discussion list.


  • Follow up with the people that may have approached you about running for positions in the past
  • Approach prospective members that have been both active and engaged in recent years to determine if they are interested in running for office.


  • Run potential slate past EC
 Assuming slate has been assembled
  • Run call in December newsletter
 Also announce slate (assuming slate has been assembled) reminding that nominations are open until first Friday of March


  • Announce slate of candidates to membership by third Friday in February
  • Send reminder to eld_div list that additional nominations are welcome until the first Friday of March
  • Solicit bio blurb/statement and photo from candidates for posting on election site
  • Get in touch with online election administrator (currently Amy Van Epps) to 1) confirm willingness to run the election and 2) to confirm timing/dates of the election. Send online election administrator biographical statements and photos of the candidates for posting. Make sure to arrange access to ELD Voting - Administrative Login (
  • Follow up with membership Chair to see if any members currently do not have e-mail or have elected not to include e-mail in the Membership Directory.


  • Send out announcement to eld_div list announcing election. Follow up half way through election with another announcement and at least one more on the last day of the election. For those members that do not have e-mail in membership database, send direct e-mail announcing election. Paper ballots must be sent to those that do not have internet access.
  The election shall be by secret ballot of the current members of the Division. 
  On or before the second Friday of March, ballots shall be made available to the 
  membership electronically. Working in conjunction with the chair of the Membership 
  Committee, the Nominating Committee shall mail a paper ballot to any members without 
  internet access. For a ballot to be counted, it must be received by 11:59 pm, 
  Eastern Time on the fourth Friday of March. (Article VII, Section 4; ELD Bylaws)
  • Let the candidates know the results of the elections before disseminating a broader announcement to eld_div list.
  • Post results on ELD website and/or blog
  • Suggest to the winners of the election that they make arrangement to attend the EEC (usually the last ELD session of the meeting).
  • Submit Committee report to ELD newsletter editor for publication in May issue
  • Update current spreadsheet of election candidates to share with incoming past chair.