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Flyers, Posters, and Other Communications

I customized one for each engineering department. Copied on colored paper, hand addressed to each teaching faculty member, folded in half and delivered to departmental secretaries to stuff their inboxes. Heard back from 4 or 5 faculty I hadn't taught for before. (Nancy Linden, University of Houston. Marketing flyer to faculty

At WPI we create screensavers each term and they rotate on public workstations in the library. A great way to promote products and the library. We have also been posting them as images to our library page on Facebook . Examples: Scifinder Screensaver Sayed Ali, SGA President, Biomedical Engineering Student Screensaver Christine Drew, WPI, 14 May 2008

We also offer campus center "interventions" at least once each term. Library staff and students sit at table draped with the Gordon Library banner & we hold contests or challenges that we've come up with. For Talk Like a Pirate Day, we gave out treasure maps to get students to use our Journals list, we had a lollipop pull to promote Web of Science and gave away USB drives to winners (winning lollipop sticks were painted at the bottom). We try to run a simultanous online promotion for distance learners. Christine Drew, WPI, 14 May 2008

Other Marketing Projects