ABET Accreditation Visit Registry and Summaries

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ABET Accreditation Visit Registry

Below is a list of ASEE-ELD members willing to discuss and share their ABET accreditation experiences with other members. If your institution has gone through ABET accreditation within the last 5 years and you wish to be added to the list, please feel free to edit list yourself or email the ASEE-ELD Accreditation and Standards Committee and we'll get you added! Email: David Hubbard

Date Visited Name Institution Email Address Notes (e.g., programs accredited)
Fall 2011 Ted Baldwin University of Cincinnati Ted.Baldwin (at) uc.edu ABET Commissions: Computing, Technology, Engineering.
Fall 2011 Najwa Hanel University of Southern California nhanel (at) usc.edu"Mini" ABET visit to accredit a new program. Existing programs accredited about 5 years ago.
Fall 2011 Judy Siebert Maseles University of Missouri maselesj (at) missouri.edu ABET Team Visit
Fall 2011 Tom Volkening Michigan State University Volkin (at) msu.edu Full ABET Visit fall of 2011. A mini visit for a "new" program in October 2012.
Fall 2011 Anne Rauh Syracuse University aerauh (at) syr.edu Visit by ABET's Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC).
Fall 2011 Alice Trussell Kansas State University aalitrus (at) ksu.edu All of the College of Engineering departments were accredited.
Fall 2012 Dee Magnoni Olin College of Engineering Dianna.Magnoni (at) olin.edu Full ABET visist for all three programs.

Summaries of visits to ASEE-ELD member institutions (Under Construction)

The ASEE-ELD Accreditation and Standards Committee is currently developing a ABET Summary Visit Survey to provide a means for ASEE-ELD members to share their experiences and insights immediately after an ABET visit. The survey results will be posted as password protected pdf files. The ABET Summary Visit Survey should be completed and ready for deployment to ELD members by Fall 2014.

ABET Summary Visit 1 Test (Password Protected)

ABET Summary Visit 2 Test (Password Protected)