Virtual Conference Participation Task Force

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Members: Patricia Kirkwood (co-chair), Megan Tomeo (co-chair), Janet Fransen, Paul Grochowski, Pauline Melgoza, Nestor Osorio, Bruce Reid


The task force will investigate the possibility of allowing members to participate virtually in the ASEE annual conference. The task force will recommend options for enabling virtual participation. The recommendations will be forwarded to the PIC IV chair.


Approximately one year. The task force will report its recommendations at the 2012 ASEE annual conference in San Antonio (or earlier).

Information from ASEE

  1. Have other ASEE divisions proposed providing
    1. Virtual conference participation, Patti: Not that I’m aware of
    2. Recordings of sessions after the conference, or Patti: Not that I’m aware of
    3. Remote presenting (meaning the first author attends the conference and other author(s) present with them from another location)? Patti: No, that I’m aware of
  2. If yes to any of the above, what division(s) and do you happen to have contact information for the people who proposed it?
  3. If yes to any of the above, did ASEE grant the division(s) approval to implement? If yes, from ASEE’s perspective, what worked well with offering this/these option(s)? And what did not work well? If no, what were barriers for providing this/these option(s)?
  4. If no to any of the above, is ASEE open to allowing division(s) to provide these options? We recognize there are numerous facets to this question that would have to be worked out.

What would it entail to provide virtual conference participation

List what we would need, issues that would have to be overcome, etc. for each option.

Real-time webcasts of sessions

  • Reliable internet
  • Software such as Adobe Connect, tested ahead of time on the presenter's computer (or presenters' computers, but it would be much better if everyone in the session used the same computer)
  • If we want viewers to be able to ask questions during Q&A, someone will need to moderate the online audience (that is, watch for chat questions and ask them on behalf of the viewer)

Remote Presenters

  • Reliable internet
  • Software such as Skype, tested ahead of time on the presenter's computer and the moderator's computer

Archived copies of sessions

  • Software such as Abode Captivate, tested on the presenter's computer ahead of time
  • A web presence to make the presentations available (an existing ELD or ASEE-controlled site would be great)
  • Decision on who can access. Will archived presentations be publicly available? Do the rights we sign over to ASEE state or imply anything about public presentation?

Who Else Can We Ask