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Here is where we can post any notes, comments or thoughts as we move through this process.

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Notes from policies/articles posted on our main page:

1.Notes/take-away from "Is your Company Posting w/out a plan?" [1]

Without an established plan: “...these organizations are missing out on major opportunities to engage with potential and current customers, manage their reputations, and more—and they may be alienating social media users in the process."

“When formulating a strategy, be sure to look at the implications it will have on all of your internal stakeholders and include them in the planning.”

Criteria to consider:(not all of these may be as relevant to ELD)

Branding: Be consistent across all channels.

Content: Engage in conversation. “Keep in mind that content isn’t just about blog posts, photos, and videos,” reminds Schaffer. “Think outside of the box! Presentations, infographics, memes, and even discussions (such as in a LinkedIn Group) are all types of content that should be considered for your social media strategy!”

Curation: Share meaningful content.

Channels: Join the right networks

Frequency: Post strategically, not constantly.

Engagement: Be worthy of being followed.

Listening: Interact meaningfully with followers/members/potential members/sponsors/supporters

Campaign: Regularly introduce new ways to engage members

Influencers: Take a cue from other users/similar organizations: "There’s no need to navigate the world of social media on your own. Use the examples and successes of other users called influencers to help shape your own strategy and make it more effective. Influencers can consist of individual users, companies, or media outlets that 1) are a part of or serve your target demographic audience, and 2) yield influence online through reporting, blogging, and being active on platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn."

Brand Ambassadors: Recruit fans to spread the word.

Crisis Management: Be prepared to handle trouble

standardizes messaging, determines how resources are used, defines which tactics you will and won’t pursue, serves as a road map, and will still carry on its purpose through personnel changes,”

2. IEEE Social Media Policy: [2]

I like the structure of their policy:

1. Goals

2. General Principles

3. General Best Practices: philosophy, objectives/definitions, best practices (evolving)

3. LITA Social Media: [3]

LITA has to a bibliography of web articles they have compiled on the topic: [4]

10-Must Haves in a social media policy:[5]

1. Introduce the purpose of social media 2. Be responsible for what you write 3. Be authentic 4. Consider your audience 5. Exercise good judgment 6. Understand the concept of community 7. Respect copyrights and fair use 8. Remember to protect confidential & proprietary info 9. Bring value 10. Productivity matters

4. ALA Q&A on Ethical Social Media policy: [6]Mainly a discussion of larger ethical issues, such as privacy in the context of public libraries.

5. ASCE: Rules for social media use: [7]

List of basic dos and don'ts. Mostly common sense, especially for a commercial company. Has some good basic language we might draw from.

6. IdealWare: The Nonprofit social media decision guide: [8]

The document highlights the importance of defining goals and your audience (e.g. for ELD, prospective members, existing members, etc.) - p. 9 and 52-53. The goals need to be specific and measurable (e.g. increase the % of people who say they found out about ELD through Facebook in 2015).

What is the ELD policy trying to achieve?

An informal and evolving policy may be best suited to ELD. We don't have legal risks, privacy concerns, or other potentially risky situations.

On a consistent basis:

Meet/contact/recruit new members

Promote virtual networking and information exchange with current members

Acknowledge supporters/sponsors

Report out on parent organizational news

During events/conferences:

report/promote news on events/opportunities share presentation comments and content