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Content providers should provide free monthly statistics in a timely manner that meet COUNTER Code of Practice requirements and the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI). Content providers who claim COUNTER compliance should comply with the latest standard and pass regular audits. Vendors should also be encouraged to publish statistics that are unique to their resources that are not quantifiable through Counter requirements. Delivery of reports – Must be made available in Excel, CSV, or XML format. Each report in a separate page, password controlled, email or alerting mechanism must be in place and be made available monthly. Although the COUNTER Code of Practice does not address usage statistics for conference proceedings, publishers of conference proceedings should provide usage statistics for these resources in accordance to COUNTER standards as possible. Conference proceedings are a primary form of scholarly communication among engineering professionals and thus should be incorporated into future versions of COUNTER standard releases.


Usage statistics that are credible, accurate, and consistent are crucial for libraries to determine usefulness of resources, measure need, rank prestige of resources, judge impact of scholarship and manage budgets to ensure that money is being well spent. Vendor compliance with accepted standards ensures meaningful comparisons of usage between titles from different content providers and the ability to manipulate them in a meaningful way in electronic resource management systems.