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  • Donate used amenities (soap, bottles, etc.) to charitable organizations, recycle, or encourage attendees to use their own sustainable products.
  • Give hotel guests the option to reuse towels and sheets.
  • Select hotels that utilize paperless check-in, checkout, and billing procedures to minimize use of paper.
  • Select hotels that provide shuttle services between meetings, accommodations, and restaurants to minimize car and taxi trips if walking isn't feasible.
  • Look for facilities that invite meeting attendees to share in energy conservation and waste reduction efforts-for example, by reducing paper towels, supporting use of soap dispensers versus individual soaps, avoiding waste, and participating in recycling programs.
  • Look for meeting rooms with recycling bins, posted with a list of all items that can be recycled.
  • Put recycling containers in visible locations at entrances to halls and in the pre-function area. Let attendees know that recycling containers will be available. Place visible signage instructing delegates as to what is and is not recyclable. Put additional containers in hotel lobbies near checkout areas.
  • Encourage selection of event sites that use environmentally friendly products (including cleaning products).

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