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Open Access

Statement: As mentioned in the Access Authentication section, librarians generally support an Open Access (OA) distribution model of publishing that provides free and unrestricted use of published articles and research for educational purposes. For conference proceedings, any associated publishing cost would be absorbed by the conference organizers and/or sponsors. Open Access is the preferred distribution model.
Rationale: Open Access publishing offers the most expansive distribution model available. By providing free and unrestricted use, conference organizers can easily and efficiently distribute vital research information to those interested.

Publishing Partnerships

Statement: Publishing partnerships can provide open access or low-cost subscriptions to scholarly publications and create new distribution models for specialized publishing. Partnerships can be between various organizations, including libraries, university presses, academic departments, professional societies, corporations and government. Libraries should support new publishing models that encourage expanded access to research.
Rationale: Today’s digital environment has created additional and continual strains on library collections budgets. Librarians need to support and seek new publishing endeavors to encourage a more open and cost effective scholarly communications publication system.

Distribution and Ordering

Statement: Publishers should provide an easy method for purchasing conference proceedings - both individual titles and conference series. The preferred method would be a purchase option through a reputable bookseller who notifies librarians when a conference proceeding is available. Another option for publishers is to provide their own notification method, preferably electronic, for librarians to enroll in.

Rationale: Today many libraries are experiencing budget constraints, reduced staff, and increased work loads. Work efficiency is crucial so providing an easy method for notification and purchase of newly published conference proceedings help to ensure that the publication is not overlooked and purchased in a timely manner.

Multiple Formats

Statement: If a resource is the available in multiple formats (print or electronic), libraries should be able to choose a single format or any combination of formats (i.e., print and electronic) from a single provider. In the case of an annual conference publication, there should be an option to purchase as a subscription (similar to a journal subscription) or any individual conference title from a single provider. Libraries should not be required to or pressured into accepting one all or nothing option.
Rationale: The information needs and financial means of individual libraries vary greatly. The purchase models should provide multiple options in recognition of the different resources and requirements of individual libraries.

FTE Purchasing Models

Statement: Many content providers use the full-time equivalent (FTE) purchasing model for their subscription pricing. For conference publications (generally subject specific), the FTE purchasing model should reflect the actual number of institutional members whose primary subject affiliation is related to the conference (subject) and not based on the total FTE for the institution.
Rationale: Generally conference publications are used by those institutional members who are affiliated with the conference subject. The purchase cost should reflect the approximate number of actual users of the resource rather than the total FTE number of an institution.

Remote Locations

Statement: Electronic conference proceedings should be available for all institutional users, including remote locations not identified as a separate campus.
Rationale: Many libraries must provide access to electronic resources for multiple remote locations with a small number of users. These locations are not considered a separate campus.

Best Practices

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Publishing Partnerships:
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