Program Chair Checklist

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ELD Program Chair Checklist

June (incoming program chair)

[ ] Attend program chair orientation (Sunday)

[ ] Give contact information and e-mail to Wayne Davis

[ ] Attend PIC IV meeting (Sunday)

[ ] Officially take office at the ELD business meeting

[ ] Solicit ideas for sessions, speakers, workshops; moderators for sessions

[ ] Take minutes at ELD Executive Committee meeting


[ ] Confirm that you are on the program chairs e-mail list (Wayne Davis)

[ ] Prepare Call for Papers announcement for ASEE conference website

[ ] Send CFP announcement to Wayne Davis


[ ] Prepare Call for Papers for ELD newsletter

[ ] Send call for papers to ELD-L and ELDNET-L. Late August - no later than first day abstracts are open.


[ ] Prepare Program Chair Update for ELD newsletter.


[ ] Prepare Program Chair Update for ELD newsletter.


[ ] Chair ELD Executive Committee meeting

[ ] Obtain small gifts for program planning committee members ($1-5 max.)

[ ] Obtain gift for outgoing chair. According to ELD tradition, this is usually a tee shirt signed by members of the EEC.

[ ] Banquet: Thank members of the planning committee, web master, moderators, sponsors and all others who contributed to the program.