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Conference Naming Consistency


Conferences will preferably keep the same name for as long as the conference exists. Should it become necessary to change the name of the conference, the organizers will make it clear either in the print proceedings, or on the website with the online proceedings, the naming history of the conference. It is particularly important to name a conference consistently if the conference is published with multiple publishers over time.


Finding past copies of conference proceedings can be challenging under the best of circumstances, but when a conference changes names, it can become exceedingly difficult if the conference organizers and publishers haven’t provided clues for how the conference has evolved over time. Some conferences provide a brief history of the conference on their web site or in the proceedings, while others provide a title history. This allows easier finding within search engines and library catalogs, ensuring longevity in locating past papers and further exposure of the research for the presenters.

Best Practice Examples

Online tracing of conference titles over time: IEEE – example: See IEEE Conference on Decision and Control in IEEE Xplore.

History of Conference: International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-Ray Physics, [1]