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Please note: the Mentoring section of the ELD Wiki is in hiatus. The information below is accurate but not updated. Please feel free to add your own comments.


The Mentoring Committee has the goal of facilitating mentoring and networking among ELD members. Our activities include recruiting experienced librarians to act as mentors; creating mechanisms for the matching of mentors to mentees; creation and maintenance of a database of members and their fields of expertise, and providing a short information resource on the process of mentoring. Engineering Librarianship 101 is designed to capture the wisdom and expertise of ELD members and communicate best practices in the profession.

Annual Conference Mentor for New Members

AKA, the "buddy system." If you're new to ELD or just new to conferences, it can be daunting to spend three days in a distant city with a bunch of strangers, no matter how friendly, who all seem to know what to do, where to go, and who to see... and you don't! We can help you have a successful conference by guiding you through the system, explaining the customs, introducing you to members with similar interests, and encouraging your initiatives.


Many members have volunteered to be mentors for new engineering librarians and/or offer expert advice on aspects of engineering librarianship to new and experienced professionals. For contacts, see our lists by areas of expertise or by name.

Paper Review Service

Before submitting your work for publication, it is common to have colleagues review your draft. Even in a large organization with many professional colleagues it can be difficult to find someone qualified or impartial to comment on your work. ELD members can help! See our Paper Review Service for details. Please note: this service is only available to Engineering Libraries Division members.

New engineering liaison? How to develop your skills.

Credibility is one word which describes what is needed for a librarian in regards to getting the attention of engineering faculty. One can create a sense of credibility with faculty, when one goes out to meet them, by the following. Prepare several things in advance of meeting them, using something like the attached faculty contact form, and proceed down a list of items methodically like a structured interview, with keyword alerting service (SDI) being pretty far down the list. For a keyword alerting service, I print out the screen shots, showing every step of the search process and how the email alert is created (all the important steps marked on the page in red ink). Then I staple all of the pages together and walk through this step by step with the faculty member. However, if a faculty member has no time - start with the keyword alerting service and usually you have them hooked. Talk to them in their own language, take the time to locate and use synonyms in the search. See the list labelled "Faculty contact form" below.

Faculty contact form

  • Name:
  • Department:
  • Title:
  • Campus Address:
  • Graduate of:
  • Research interests:
  • Journals frequently consulted:
  • Databases used:
  • Discuss and demonstrate: keyword alerts for Compendex, Inspec and Web of Science:
  • Demonstrate Web of Science Citation Alerts.
  • Discuss and demonstrate table of contents service
  • Discuss and demonstrate document delivery
  • Discuss and demonstrate bibliographic management software
  • Discuss book and journal requests