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Linking to Content


This is the twenty-first century, the digital age where electronic publications are fast becoming the rule rather than exceptions. Conference proceedings sponsors should:

Link to all content (for example, references, other conferences, previous conferences in the series, author’s affiliation and other information). There are a number of linking tools that can be explored for linking. Conference proceedings publishers must use Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)not URL, because URLs are not stable. They should register the DOI along with the URL of the conference paper in a central database managed by the International DOI Foundation (IDF)so that other databases can link to them. In addition, they should provide link outs of the cited references in the conference papers. They should register with and use CrossRef or other DOI Resolvers.

Effective metadata is a must for indexing conferences.


Conference proceedings provide valuable information and probably the only sources of the primary information of interest to many scientists, computer scientists, engineers, and others. It is frustrating when a link to a reference or a data source, or author’s affiliation leads to nowhere. It is imperative to have all content linked electronically to make use transparent.

Best Practices Examples:

SPIE Digital Library

Comment (Tracy): I think points 1, 2, 3, and 4 are covered in other parts of this document? Point number 5 is right on I think - it would be great if they linked up to reference lists and other conferences. I think it would be worthwhile to talk about how to make it easier for other documents to link to the conference - for instance using CrossRef or the OpenURL standards. Under best practice examples it would be good to say specifically what SPIE does well with linking. Also I wonder if there are any smaller conference publishers that could also qualify under best practices?

Comments: (Ronke). I have revised it. This is new to me so you have to bear with me if I have not got it quite right yet. We don't have SPIE, I am only quoting what other people have told me. If anyone knows any other conference database that does a good job, I can take a look and go from there.