ELD Chair's Survival Guide

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Chair's Duties (Formal and Informal)

  • Represent ELD to ASEE and PIC (Bylaws)
  • Chair Annual Business Meeting (Bylaws)
  • Chair Annual Executive Meeting and Extended Executive Meeting (Bylaws)
  • Prepare an annual report to be published in the May newsletter (Bylaws)
  • Consult with EEC on ELD, ASEE and PIC matters
  • Mentor Program Chair
  • Inform ELD members of ASEE and PIC policies
  • Serve on Program Planning Committee
  • Facilitate communication between ELD and other divisions


  • Check ASEE website and PRISM magazine regularly for news and alerts that might be of interest to ELD members. This includes ASEE policy changes, calls for member input, changes to ASEE publications, ASEE election results, etc.
  • Be persistent. ASEE is a large organization and sometimes things get lost or mis-directed.
  • Communication with the PIC IV chair (2012) is exclusively by e-mail and somewhat spotty. Be persistent.

Chair's Checklist

June (Program Chair-Incoming Chair)

  • Attend PIC IV business meeting (with other ELD officers)
  • Chair's Term begins at end of ABM
  • Chair Annual Extended Executive Meeting (Program Chair chairs part of meeting)


  • Chair's update for September newsletter. Topics include recap of conference; thank yous to program planning committee, sponsors, etc; new and future initiatives and goals for the division.


  • Chair's update for December newsletter
  • First call for volunteers to fill expiring chair appointments/reappointments


  • Chairs update for March newsletter. Include ASEE and ELD election information and call for chair appointments/reappointments
  • Second call for volunteers to fill expiring chair appointments/reappointments
  • Consult with EEC on new/renewed chair appointments/reappointments


  • Notify ASEE of ELD award winners (except Best Poster winner); ASEE will contact you in late March/early April. The Awards Committee Chair should take care of this process; it's also a good idea to check the accuracy of the list of past ELD award winners on the ASEE website
  • Send thank you letters to outgoing chairs and incoming chairs
  • Remind committee chairs to send annual reports to newsletter editor
  • Reminder officers to invite ASEE contacts to ELD banquet. Invites are typically extended to Jon Keplinger, Tim Manicom, the PIC IV chair (Bev Watford in 2012).


  • Chair's report for May newsletter. Include year-in-review; ASEE HQ and PIC news; thank you to sponsors
  • Call for agenda items for ABM


  • Complete and submit the ASEE unit annual report for ELD
  • Attend PIC IV business meeting (with other ELD officers)
  • Chair Annual Business Meeting (become past-chair at end of ABM)
  • Send thank you letter to Program Chair