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Draft Notes for Conference Publishing Best Practices

Note: Organized by the rough categories agreed on in early November. This is a place for everyone to add their rough drafts to their chosen section.

1. Access Authentication (some overlap particularly for licensed conferences with the PL, but emphasis on no passwords or other restrictive practices, for instance) - Scott Warren

2. Copyright issues (good match, and best practices could include Creative Commons-type licensing, license to publish, etc.) - Jill Dixon

3. Content considerations (similar to cover-to-cover digitization category on the PL, but includes things like color and presentation captures (audio, powerpoint, video, visualizations etc.)) - Jan Fransen

4. Perpetual Access (good overlap, and there are other options to consider as well) - Tracy Gabridge

5. Purchase and Distribution models (category is the same, but the treatment may be quite different, include open access, publishing partnership models, etc.) - Jill Dixon

6. Interlibrary loan/electronic reserves (for licensed resources) - Jill Dixon

7. Publishing formats and media - Ed Eckel

8. Indexing - Ed Eckel

9. Peer review - Tracy Gabridge

10. Naming consistency - Tracy Gabridge

11. Retractions and Corrections (substantially the same) - Jill Dixon

12. Statistics (for licensed resources) - Richard Bernier

13. Digital Quality - Tracy Gabridge

14. Linking to Content (substantial overlap) - Ronke Lawal

Other ideas: a section on providing records for conference proceedings to be loaded into our catalogs?

Begun by Ed Eckel 11/11/08