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Ronke: I don't have the punchlist in front of me but the first thing that jumps out at me is that conference organizers/publishers should make the proceedings available online possibly open access or though one time cost.Well the details of how this could be done is another level for consideration.


I think we'll have a lot to say about the access options for content, based on how some organizations (such as SAE) handle access to their conference papers.

Also, I wonder if we should also mention somewhere that the conferences should have a standard name (if they do not already have one) to make searching for that content easier in some databases. Database providers and vendors should be encouraged to index the standard name of the conference, to make searching and retrieval easier. For example, the Society of Plastics Engineers ANTEC (Annual Technical) conferences are poorly indexed in Compendex. You have to search a number of different terms before you adequately access most of the references.

Tracy: I took a look at the categories as well and came up with the following (and added naming consistency too): Current Punch list categories:

  • Access Authentication
  • Co-Branding of Products
  • Copyright issues
  • Cover-to-cover digitization
  • Digital quality
  • Interlibrary loan/electronic reserves
  • Linking to content
  • Perpetual Access
  • Purchase Models
  • Retractions and Corrections
  • Statistics

Categories applicable to conference publishing best practices - proposed:

  • Access Authentication (some overlap particularly for licensed conferences, but emphasis on no passwords, for instance)
  • Copyright issues (good match, and best practices could include Creative Commons-type licensing)
  • Cover-to-cover digitization (may be some overlap - many of the proceedings are born digital, so it will be interesting to see how this evolves)
  • Quality of files
  • Linking to Content (substantial overlap)
  • Perpetual Access (good overlap, and there are other options to consider as well)
  • Purchase models (category is the same, but the treatment may be quite different, include open access, etc.)
  • Retractions and Corrections (substantially the same)
  • Statistics (for licensed resources)
  • Interlibrary loan/electronic reserves (for licensed resources)

Additional things to consider for conferences best practices:

  • Presentation captures
  • Publishing formats and media
    • The "media" part of this category seems to overlap the "Content Considerations" section a little. We may end up wanting to merge these two. - Ed E.
    • When possible, online access is preferred to CD-ROM access, which can be inconvenient to patrons who can not make it to the physical library. Examples of conferences that tend to just release CDs include Society of Plastics Engineers ANTEC conferences, and many paper engineering conferences (such as TAPPI). - Ed E.
  • Distribution methods
  • Indexing
    • Providers/vendors should allow or encourage indexing by Internet search engines such as Google, Scitopia.org, and Scirus. In addition, good metadata should be used to help the content be findable (if not accessible) via web search engines. - Ed E.
  • Publishing partners
  • Peer review
  • Naming consistency